Transportation and Logistics contributes to a huge part to the Indian economy and plays a crucial role in sustaining the economy of India. Recently, with the rise of eCommerce platforms in a developing country like ours’, logistics has come across as one of the fastest-growing sectors. The Transportation and Logistics sector has a whopping 4.7% contribution to our GDP.

To overcome the drawbacks of the transportation and logistics sector, we are inspired to build the TRUST and TRANSPARENCY factor between the stakeholders, enhance technological infrastructure, cut off middlemen meddling with the operations, complete access over drivers and their HOS (hours of service), on-time delivery, and availability of the transporters.

The problem is not in the truck driver’s income or skill gaps but is deep-rooted in his hectic workload. Staying away from his family for a long time and indulging in stressful work leads to social disrespect, stigma, and risk perception of the job which makes their families push them to quit their job.

Truck drivers play a vital role in the freight transportation industry but unfortunately, drivers don’t get better pay for their hard work. We at Bigtruck are working relentlessly to build a system which strives to consistently improve their socio-economic conditions through the following measures to scatter light into their life.

  • Safety Peril
  • Poor health condition and inclined to maladies
  • Irregular meals and insufficient rest to relax
  • Lack of social respect for the profession
  • Imbalanced family life

Initiatives to uplift the socio-economic status of the truck drivers community

We as a corporate entity have taken a CSR initiative for the drivers well being to take the trucking industry to the next level. It’s an immense pleasure and pride to improve their lifestyle to help the economy grow. Below are the few initiatives to celebrate the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to deliver an exceptional standard of service


Eye Checkup

Hectic work of 18- 20 hours a day leads to inadequate rest and has an adverse effect on clear eye vision. At Bigtruck, we organize a regular eye checkup to keep them healthy and lead a normal life



Bigtruck aims to educate our beloved drivers on keeping the body and mind healthy. This wellness program creates awareness to develop a healthy, happy and peaceful lifestyle.



We ensure all the drivers at Bigtruck are eligible and trained to work professionally and we try to organise proper training camps for them to show them the benefits of the technology for their ease


Respect at Work

At Bigtruck, all the drivers are treated professionally and respectfully for their dedication and sincerity towards the work.


Pit Stops for rest

We have an upcoming project to arrange various facilities and camps along the route for them while shipping to rest for a while which will facilitate them with a relaxed mind, and keep them safe.


Assured On-Time Payments

Our motto is to keep our Driver Partners happy so we ensure processing payments on-time for their hard work and dedication to keep our nation moving. Our application is designed to give them required information to make their lives on the road easier.