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The rapidly growing retail market, the e-commerce sector, and the rising demand for goods and services have triggered the growth of the transport industry, in specific the trucking industry. Advances in technology are evolving in the supply chain industry; the increasing demand for greater transparency and visibility has made a significant impact on the supply chain market, which has created a boom in the trucking industry. Bigtruck Logistic Services has envisaged itself as the most efficient technology-driven transport service company. The objective behind Bigtruck logistic Services is to make sure the customer receives the desired product at the right time and place with the right quality and price.

AboutBigtruck Logistic Services

Bigtruck logistics has accelerated its services across the country by adopting the latest technology and creating and providing a single platform for shippers and truck owners, and industries to work together and create business opportunities, with customer satisfaction being their crucial aim. The complexity of logistics is analyzed, modeled, and optimized by Bigtruck by its simulation software called ‘My Circle.

  • With Bigtruck web and app, you can book a truck easily and quickly.
  • They offer the best deals, and shippers can choose the best bid that suits their budget.
  • Shippers can book a truck at their convenient time and without much effort.
  • Bigtruck delivers goods at the right destination and at the right time.
  • They assure shippers and truck owners of a very delightful experience.
  • They allow live tracking of the consignment for the benefit of the consignee.
  • They offer low prices that are affordable for everyone.
  • Bigtruck aims at hundred percent customer satisfaction.
  • Book Bigtruck Logistic Services in Belagavi

    Bigtruck has its headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and hence has quickly established a name for itself as the most trusted logistic and truck booking partner in Belagavi.Belagavi (formerly called Belgaum) is an Indian city located within Karnataka.The city is famous for its wood and brass products and is called the ‘Bamboo village’. It’s a fast-growing district located in the Western Ghats, 2500 feet above sea level, the green vegetation throughout the year. Bigtruck Logistic Company is the most reliable logistic partner for all your logistic needs in Belagavi, whether there is a need to move your goods within the State or to shift your things outside the state to any part across the country.

    Why only Bigtruck Logistic Services for Logistic Needs?

  • Bigtruck provides hassle-free shipment of goods to any place in the country.
  • Bigtruck offers a multilingual web and app-based online platform for shippers, industries, and truck owners.
  • 700 cities in the united states has a fleet of more than 7000 at its service across India.
  • Operating in over 650 cities across the country.
  • 11,000 plus verified truck drivers with good knowledge of routes and rich experience in driving.
  • 100% customer satisfaction with over 300 satisfied clients all over India.
  • It provides real-time updates with live GPS tracking of the consignment.
  • Safe and secure handling of goods.
  • Transparent and affordable pricing.
  • Simple Steps to Book a Service on Bigtruck

  • Place the work order on the Bigtruck’s digital platform
  • Choose a bid that suits your pocket and matches your specifications
  • Post your truck to get an immediate load from your location.
  • Track your shipment live
  • Receive delivery of goods at your destination
  • Process digital payment.

  • Bigtruck is the best Truck Booking Company in India.

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    Why Choose Us

    • Hasslefree Shipment

      We provide hasslefree shipping and seamless logistics solutions for all your shipping needs, whether big or small, to all parts of India.

    • Safety & Reliability

      We drive reliability and safety in logistics through effective implementation of security tools and technologies to drive efficiency and operational excellence.

    • Leading Edge Technology

      Our adoption of technology, proven expertise and networks brings us to the forefront in bringing automation to tailor our solutions for your logistics needs.

    • Trusted Partner

      We work on complete transparency to maintain an adequate level of trust. We are the trusted partner in your digital transformation journey.

    how it works

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    The Bigtruck App has been designed to create a single platform for both Shippers and Truck owners to connect directly across India.

    This will open the gates from both Shippers & Truck owners to choose from many which in turn will help them choose the right pricing and quality as per their convenience.