Why choose Bigtruck?

Bigtruck Mobile application interconnects Cargo Owner, Truck Owner and Truck Driver on one single stage platform productively to enable smooth and stress-free procedure of Cargo shipment.

We have built sturdy solutions that help Cargo Owners slick out their activities, select offers straightforwardly, access to information about the truck and driver and track the vehicle while on movement. All these will prompt to lower their costs, have a better delivery management of the shipment, and lead to better customer experience and trust in their supply chain network.

For truck drivers, we have built a savvy way to drive the cargo loaded truck with route navigation and huge information accessible through a Bigtruck driver app.


Multilingual Feature


Digital Payment


E-way bill




PAN India Network


Live Tracking Feature


Bigtruck Transportation Management Software - bTMS

Safe and Reliable

BTMS is a SaaS-based delivery logistics management software. Enabling shippers and fleet owners with an end-to-end, scalable delivery infrastructure which will ensure a high level of reliability as well as safety and transparency.

Customer Satisfaction

Provides opportunities to scale the business by exceeding customer demands with real-time updates on the freight movements, on-time shipments, reduced cost and upgrading the aged vehicles for better performance.


Less manual work which results in fewer deferral and fastest delivery of the shipment. Helps in functioning the business operations at high speed with more accurate billing and documentation records.

Traffic Management Outsourcing (bTMO)

Safety - A TMO partner for your enterprise will ensure safe delivery of shipment without any hassles or having to bother with vendor management.

Security With daily updates and reports of all related information, Bigtruck TMO partner drives operational efficiency and cost savings while providing technology, knowledge, and expertise to help you grow and transform your business.

Reduces Cost - With the expertise and relationships within the industry, a TMO partner will be able to process the shipment faster and will use technology to generate all reports and invoices in real time. This will lead to reduction in the number of employees required for handling the same logistics thereby reducing costs significantly.

Increased Productivity - TMO partner will handle all the logistics back-office tasks including vendor management which will enable the enterprise to spend the same time working for better productivity and focusing more time on other core areas.


Big Data Analytics

Big Data is the core of our app which massively collects all the information of user interactions to improve the transportation companies performance by successfully gaining the complete satisfaction of their customers.

Enhanced knowledge - Customers get updated on the knowledge of their shipment order and movements by the real-time information that keeps them relaxed and carries out their other business operations efficiently.

Better customer service - By successfully responding and updating their shipment order and movements instantly helped in refining their knowledge and hence opportunities for better service to our customers.

Logistic and fleet management - Helps in better business operations, last-mile optimization, real-time information, driver driving behavior and efficiency, route and network planning and optimization, etc.

My Circle Platform

Demand and Supply Planning - Larger companies, enterprises and manufacturers with their branches all over the country needs a greater control and visibility of their supply chain at all times.

Real time operational information - Bigtruck My Circle Platform is a web application for the Head Office of larger units so that they can have real time access to reports and information to all the logistics operations that are being done in their various branches at any given point of time.

Easy Decision Making & Approval Process - It helps them in decision making and to focus on critical operations as it gives them meaningful data points and relevant information.

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