Precautions For Truckers For Safe Driving In The Rain

Precautions For Truckers For Safe Driving In The Rain

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Monsoon season sees heavy rains almost every year in India. Given the substandard infrastructure and poor condition of the country’s roads, the season is far from ideal for driving, especially when it comes to larger vehicles. Since halting all shipments during the season is not an option, truck drivers have to be extra careful while driving the cargo in rains.

To help prevent any avoidable incidents and to prepare you for driving heavy vehicles, here are a few precautions that truck drivers must take when driving in the rains-
Before the drive

It is vital to get the truck checked thoroughly before a long road journey in the rain. Make sure to get the lights, brakes, wheels and all other parts inspected and serviced at a reputable service station if needed. Check the tyres and get them replaced if they have lost their treads. It is advised to use special rain tyres for extra protection from wet roads. Ensuring that the trailer does not have any cracks or holes is crucial to keep the cargo safe from damage due to water during the transport.

Another important element to consider is the intensity of rain to expect. You can check the weather forecast to get an idea about what to expect during your trip. This can help you plan your route to avoid any unfortunate situation, and ensure the safety of the cargo as well.


The first and foremost thing to do in monsoon is to keep a check on your throttle. It is advised that the driver slow down to 2/3rd of their average speed if the road is wet. Ample distance should be maintained with the vehicles in front and behind to avoid any accidents in case any driver loses control of their vehicles. Sudden braking must also be avoided to prevent skidding or any mishaps. Always make it a point to turn the lights on during rain even in the daytime to help maintain visibility on the road.

The driver must check the weight limit of bridges and drive accordingly. Rain and water logging tends to reduce strength of bridge pillars. Bridges and roads overflowing with water must always be avoided if possible.

With these precautionary tips, truck drivers can make their drive during the rain easier and ensure safety of life, vehicle and cargo.