How Live Truck Tracking System Revolutionizing The Transportation And Logistics Business

How Live Truck Tracking System Revolutionizing The Transportation And Logistics Business

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In the transportation and logistics industry, the Route Navigation for Truck Drivers and Live Tracking of transit for Truck Owners and Cargo Owners are playing a vital role. This advanced truck tracking system in trucking apps in the logistics business has completely transformed the way the industry works as it functions without installing any truck GPS tracking system in the vehicle.

Startups have begun a journey to disrupt logistics sector using technology as they have come up with all kind of truck aggregator app solutions to expand and optimize the trucking business.

Who had envisaged a decade ago that from your smartphone or other such smart devices, you may easily locate where your truck is and you may efficiently plan Drivers’ work assignments for picking up more loads and manage your costs? Well, we have all been a witness to the innumerable logistics startups that have come and go in the last 10 years.

As players in the ecommerce industry saw their all-time high rise, some with their inhouse logistics and some relying on others, more and more startups were encouraged to enter the logistics industry. For running any reliable transport and logistics business, these mobile apps with state of art features ensure higher revenue, lower expenses and a greater potential for huge profit making.

The mobile apps for logistics are the need of the hour for your transport and logistics business and some of the benefits that it offers are immeasurable. Their creativity and user experience in providing a robust technological solution for the logistics business have solved the routine problems that cargo shipment owners, truck owners, and truck drivers face during shipment transit.

How Basic Live Tracking Solution Helps Logistics Business

If you are running a business managing a fleet of trucks, the whereabouts of all your trucks at any given point of time becomes highly crucial.
The most basic use of Live Tracking is to keep track of the location of your vehicle on the Google map. In the process, this also helps you in understanding the motion of the vehicle, towards the direction, say, if it is getting slower at some points, or if it is moving at a normal pace to reach the destination on time, and so on.
In general, you may monitor the speed of the vehicle, route in which it is moving towards to reach the destination, if the vehicle got re-routed due to roadblock or any other issues, and also if the driver is resting for some time and the vehicle has stopped without moving To run any logistics industry such data and information that these tracking apps provide are really beneficial.

8 Benefits Of Live Truck Tracking System

Right from ensuring proper shipment, complete back office procedures, the performance of the vehicle, Driver’s ability to do the transit gives you the cutting edge to complete the work order in time. So, Live tracking ensures working out optimism to help you take complete control and monitor fleet vehicles and manpower making freight a seamless experience.

Live tracking feature in any Truck aggregator can provide a complete overview of the enhancement of complete fleet management by ensuring cost assessment, excellent customer service and improving efficiency.


The Live Tracking feature enables constant two-way communication with your truck. You may re-route any vehicle in the fleet or assign further load to pick up on the same route. This can be done based on the information you get from the Live Tracking. The Apps will also have features that will notify drivers, who are on a transit about the new load pick up.

Overall, this feature is to work out maximum utilization from a single transit. You may also cancel a delivery, or re-route or also make other decisions based on the current location of the truck in real time.


It ensures complete supervision of drivers. Knowing the Truck driver is also an integral part of the process. Live vehicle tracking may easily find out the exact cause for the delay in delivery. This way you will be able to judge and assess the truck drivers in a concrete manner.

Overall, the Live Vehicle Tracking on the App can help you determine the manpower you need to have with you for a particular work order requisite.


Drivers are the backbone of any transportation and logistics business. Their safety and well-being are of paramount importance. With Live Tracking, one can ensure the driver’s safety, throughout the transit. In the process, one can also check the pattern of his driving behavior.

A constant tracking can help to warn the driver on speedy and brash driving. Overall, with this technology, one can easily trace which Driver is adhering to the driving rules properly and who doesn’t.


Live Tracking provides you real-time updates on your mobile devices, thus helping you in quick decision making.

Absolutely there will be no paperwork involved for both Truck Owners and Drivers. So, you will be saving more time and you will be able to focus on getting more shipment orders. Since the Driver will also be driving and serving the transit with no worries, you will be able to completely focus on your business.

In this world of digitization, Live Tracking is an important feature that will guarantee the best performance and efficiency in your business. Also, in case of any breakdown to the vehicle, you may quickly take corrective action and arrange for the next nearest vehicle.


It reduces the workload of internal office staff. As the entire transit of the truck is completely tracked and captured on the tracking system, most of the data and statistics can be directly received from the vehicle.

This way, the employees at the office will be able to complete their desk job instead of unnecessarily spending time on calling the Drivers or attending the phone calls of shipment owners.


Also, you will be avoiding Drivers consuming fuel for their personal gain. This way you will analyze the fuel cost for business related assignments. In the process, you will also be analyzing and finding out old vehicles that consume more costs on fuel. You will also be avoiding Driver’s bad habits that can lead to more fuel consumption.


In the transport and logistics business, a lot of money is involved. Vehicles carry costly consignments and in case of theft, shipment owners incur a huge loss and this will, in turn, bode a very bad reputation on the truck owners.

Live Tracking helps in sending alerts in such situations and helps you in taking immediate actions in such cases.


Proper planning of transit will help you in fitting more deliveries per day, which in turn ensures better customer services. Also, along with you, the Cargo Owner, who will also be using the App with Live tracking feature, will be getting timely updates on the transit, and they will also be intimated immediately in case of any delay.


Logistics aggregator is a boon for not just the route navigation to truck drivers but live truck tracking system for Truck Owners and Cargo Shipment Owners has also made the entire logistics business more productive than ever.™ has come up with a Mobile App along with this Route Navigation to Drivers and Live Tracking facility for Cargo Shipment Owners and Truck Owners, which is an essential feature that will be required for any person in the field of logistics, in order to ensure efficiency, productivity and transparency.

The complete Live tracking that works without installing any truck GPS tracking system. It’s a technological revolution in Logistics industry in itself.

Bigtruck App has been thoughtfully developed to help Truck Owners achieve maximum profitability in their business. It is an interactive mobile application for facilitating road transportation and cargo shipment across India.

Bigtruck mobile application delivers future technology to the trucking business as they are embracing new age technologies to be at par with the global standards. They surely look like a promising entry in this gigantic logistics sector as undoubtedly in India road freight is the largest transportation segment, constituting around 63% of the total freight movement.