Different Modes Of Transport For Cargo Shipment And Their Advantages And Disadvantages

Different Modes Of Transport For Cargo Shipment And Their Advantages And Disadvantages

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Transportation contributes majorly to the Nation’s GDP. It raises the production efficiency and connects directly to the logistics system. Vehicles that are used for transporting goods must have certain qualities.

Transportation is generally categorized into two. One is public transport, which runs for meeting the needs of all sectors of people for transportation of goods and services. The other one is transport for  non-generic use, which is for the plant operations and the means of transportation will be by the non-transport enterprise.

There are different modes of transportation with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us now look at them.

Rail Transport


· The capacity for loading and unloading goods is more.

· For long distance delivery of goods, Rail transport offers more frequency.

· Climatic conditions have no effect on Rail transport.

· Rail transport is free from traffic and congestion.


· Initial capital investment is huge.

· Construction requires extensive usage of materials

· Fuel consumption is also high.

Water Advantages

· For transporting heavy load and large sized cargo, water transport is economically feasible.

· It is the safest mode of transport without accidents.

· Construction cost is less and the maintenance is also cheaper.

·  Also, suitable for international movement of goods.


· Weather conditions affect them directly.

· Requires huge capital investment.

· The speed of transit of goods is slower.



· Fastest mode of transport.

· Guarantees quick delivery of goods even to remote places.

· Highly reliable.


· It is the most expensive mode of transport.

· Adverse weather conditions abrupt the transportation.

· High constructive cost

· Fuel consumption is also huge.



· Highly flexible and ability to move the vehicles fast.

· Uses multiple routes and chooses the shortest and fastest route to deliver goods quickly.

· Offers the service of door delivery.

·  Ensures safety for cargo shipment.

·  More number of options to select from a carrier and you may select the best vehicle for carrying the goods.

·         Cheaper means of transport.


· High cost for long distance.

· Climatic conditions affect them to an extent.

· Low productivity.

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These days automation and digitalization has become common across industries and cargo shipment/logistics/transportation industry is no exception.

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