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It is common for companies to look for transportation companies for shipment purpose. Especially the companies into manufacturing are always in need of transportation services to move their goods and supplies from one city to another. One of the major concerns is to find the right transportation services that can safely transport your shipment on time and charges reasonably for the service. The quality of the service matters the most when it comes to choosing transportation companies.

About Bigtruck

If you are looking for a transportation service in Bangalore, get in touch with Big Truck. We are one of the leading truck booking companies that pick your load from Bangalore and deliver it to any location across the nation. With our online services, it is easy to hire truck Bangalore. With the simple click of a button, you can easily get access to the best rates and make the booking online.

We are a platform that enables truck owners and shippers connect with each other and choose the right options for meeting their needs. Our platform opens gates for both truck owners and shippers to choose from many options, thereby giving them the opportunity to choose the right pricing and quality as per convenience.

For the ease of booking, we also have truck booking app in Bangalore which is simple to use by all and a very convenient way of booking trucks instead of connecting on the phone and for the call to get through.

Why Choose Us?

We have a fleet of trucks that are available at your service. We strive to make truck transportation easier by offering complete supply chain solutions. We have several trucks and lorry owners registered on our website, and we have a successful track record of providing excellent transportation service to companies for freight requirements.

Big Truck has been serving across 650 cities which boast of our wide reach. We have over 25000 trucks running day in and out carrying shipments from renowned companies. We have a network of over 25000 truck drivers that work relentlessly to offer the best service and transport your shipments safely on time. Till date, we have worked with over 1000+ enterprises and have a successful track record.

Our clients find the booking service very convenient owing to our app for transport services in Bangalore. The app has been specially designed for developing a single platform or shippers and truck owners for connecting across the nation.

We have several renowned companies working with us which includes some of the top-notch brands of the country. They rely on us for their shipment needs which reflect our commitment to quality and good services.

Choosing the right truck company can be a challenging task, but now with Big Truck app at your service, the selection can become easier than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is daily transport service for Bangalore available on Bigtruck?

Indeed. Bigtruck offers daily as well as booking services for hiring trucks and mini trucks in . Popular for catering to user-specific requirements, Bigtruck ensures timely, safe and transparent transport services.

Which vehicles can I book at Bigtruck?

Bigtruck offers services matching all requirements for luggage transport. Whether big or small, customers can surely trust our services for the choicest experience.

What is the maximum and minimum weight that can be loaded?

Bigtruck offers a transparent link between shippers and drivers. The maximum and minimum probable that cargo can load varies based on the drivers and shipments. Shippers can discuss the maximum and minimum weight with the drivers before booking.

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Why Choose Us

  • Hasslefree Shipment

    We provide hasslefree shipping and seamless logistics solutions for all your shipping needs, whether big or small, to all parts of India.

  • Safety & Reliability

    We drive reliability and safety in logistics through effective implementation of security tools and technologies to drive efficiency and operational excellence.

  • Leading Edge Technology

    Our adoption of technology, proven expertise and networks brings us to the forefront in bringing automation to tailor our solutions for your logistics needs.

  • Trusted Partner

    We work on complete transparency to maintain an adequate level of trust. We are the trusted partner in your digital transformation journey.

how it works

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The Bigtruck App has been designed to create a single platform for both Shippers and Truck owners to connect directly across India.

This will open the gates from both Shippers & Truck owners to choose from many which in turn will help them choose the right pricing and quality as per their convenience.