Challenges of the Trucking Marketplace

Challenges of the Trucking Marketplace

Trucking is one of the most crucial links in the facilitation of efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. Leading to the accelerated economic development of India, Trucking plays a primary role in driving the development in rural and urban areas. By introducing trade, investment and blending them with the mainstream marketplace, trucking plays a principal role.

Along with building the infrastructure, Trucking also plays a primary role in connecting all major cities of the country. However, Trucking in the country has suffered limited attention. The incompetence of transport infrastructure and the lack of funding from the government has been the crux of challenges facing the transportation sector.

Complex Challenges in the Trucking Marketplace

Cracking the trucking marketplace is a far more complex and challenging task in the country. Several challenges prevent the trucking marketplace from flourishing.

  • Existing Condition of the Marketplace:

  • The existing marketplace has been crowded by multiple means of transport, road freight, and logistics services. From leading rental space marketplaces to food/ grocery delivery services, businesses require proper transportation service providers to facilitate their requirements and help them achieve greater customer satisfaction. However, statistics suggest logistics consists of over 14% of India's GDP, out of which 70% is dedicated solely to the total freight movement. This leaves businesses providing trucking and transport services with no new market or latent demand in 70% of 14%.

  • Demand-supply mismatch = Lack of Trust
  • While most people easily trust marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart with an average transaction value of Rs. 2000, people tend to distrust freight shipping and trucking that makes up for a whopping average of Rs.50000 per transport service for a higher value of transported goods. With such high costs involved, it is hard for people to trust logistic companies and trucking marketplaces to complete their jobs. As a result, these businesses turn inefficient due to demand-supply mismatch across locations and communities.

  • Inefficiency in Matching the Right Trucks to the Right Load
  • Most trucking businesses in the marketplace tend to find it complicated to match the complexities of customer demands and requirements, including matching the right size of the truck to the body types, wheels, price, etc. Unlike transport giants like Uber and Ola, truck booking isn't as easy with truck drivers being tech-handicapped to location-enabled applications.

  • Lack of Tech-savviness
  • India has more than 70% rural population who have less and limited exposure to the internet and its benefits. It is a daunting task to convince the rural population to adopt technology and move their livelihood from conventional methods to the world of mobile applications.

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