A Letter from our CEO Reflecting on the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Letter from our CEO Reflecting on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Khurshid Alam, the Chief Executive Officer of Bigtruck stated, "Together we will persevere," in a very candid address to employees.

Covid-19 has thrown the entire world in a game of unprecedented and testing times with hard and brittle challenges. Hit by a deadly virus infestation and endless lockdowns, the wheels have come off the various industries in the world. India's logistics industry, for instance, has taken a major hit because of the disruptions caused by the nationwide lockdown.

Increasing the financial pressure on a lot of companies in the industry, especially transporters, Covid-19 has turned to be a bane. While many truck booking and transport services/businesses and platforms succumbed to the atrocities of the pandemic, Bigtruck rose to the occasion with enhanced energy and agility to the challenges of Covid.

As Khurshid Alam exclaims, "Why dream about a return to 'normal' when we can instead refocus on our way forward amidst the disruption of the new normal and create a new path and story."

How has the pandemic led to inefficiencies in Logistics?

Indian logistics businesses suffered major fallout during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. According to IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) that contributes over $200 billion to the Indian economy, logistics inabilities overburdened the economic landscape. From operational constraints, delayed supply chains, stuck shipments, order delays, and unemployment, the pandemic has seen a clear decline in numbers. Adding to that, technological incompetence during the lockdown and the lack of modernized equipment/tools requires disinfecting the largely unorganized sector of Indian logistics.

How did Bigtruck find its feet after being battered by Covid-19?

While the lockdown brought the entire logistics and manufacturing supply chain to a grinding halt, Bigtruck and its employees strived to navigate through the ramifications of the massive lockdown with constructive transformations. Beginning from employee well-being, improving organizational structure, upskilling the professionals, and ensuring a strong backbone, Bigtruck took the opportunity to turn the tide on corona virus and gloom in the logistics sector. . 

To catapult a high-growth trajectory, Bigtruck made changes based on four primary principles.

  • Prioritizing well-being: Bigtruck made continuous efforts to ensure the well-being and health of their employees, business partners, vendors, suppliers, and customers.
  • Mitigate the vaccination drives: Bigtruck made constructive efforts to support health and government officials carry out vaccination programs for all stakeholders and employees. Therefore, increasing productivity.
  • Building up the "new normal" ecosystem: Helping stakeholders get comfortable with the "new normal" was the need of the hour. Bigtruck assured a contactless and safe work ecosystem for all employees.
  • Upskilling professionals: Instead of being vulnerable to disruptions, Bigtruck took efforts to introduce learning and training programs to build new leadership skills required to thrive in a new composite environment.
  • Bigtruck Vision and Mission

    To emerge in the covid and post-covid situations, Bigtruck aims to accelerate its business and services to help more people find the perfect truck booking and transportation services at their fingertips.

    Digitalized operations = contactless efficiency

    The highly technology-driven and automated Bigtruck platform plays a vital role in the pandemic. Their state-of-the-art technologies help them and their entire ecosystem function efficiently, contactless. Choosing the digital channel focuses more on enabling stakeholders to leverage market-leading automation approaches. Accelerating the path to digital transformation gives an enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.

    Bigtruck bridges the gap between customer demands and service offerings. Their vision is to guide the world towards a better tomorrow and improve lives at an odd time like today. Bigtruck remains focused on people, customer requirements, and the community.